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‘I don’t give up and I bounce back from my mistakes.’


‘I treat others how I would like to be treated.’


‘I am friendly and caring in my words and actions.’


‘I am honest and helpful and make the right choices.’


‘I rise to a challenge and I am brave.’


‘I have love for myself, for others and for God.’

Year 5 / 6

Term 3 - Moving People


Welcome back! We hope you all managed to have a wonderful Christmas break and had a chance for some much needed quality time with family and friends.


Following on from the very exciting WW2 topic, this term the Year 5/6 children will be engaging in the topic Moving People. The theme is around migration and refugees and looks in to the many reasons people move around the world. The topic is primarily focused around geography, looking in to physical geography such as volcanoes and earthquakes, as well as human geography and the push and pull factors that people may face. Some of the topics within migration can be hard hitting, please be reassured that all stories and information shared will be age appropriate and delivered in a sensitive manner.


This BBC link has some interesting information about the different aspects of physical geography: 

The following Kiddle link explains the key information and vocabulary that will be shared with the children around migration:



PE will continue to remain as the same days as last term for years 5 and 6.

Year 5 days: Monday and Wednesday

Year 6 days: Monday and Tuesday 

Both year groups will be looking at circuit training for one of their days. The children will track their fitness levels across the term and see where they can make improvements to their physical health and wellbeing. Year 5 will then complete a 7 week course on basketball. Whilst year 6 will continue be working with Brad from Swindon Town Football Club, enhancing their ball skills. 

Children  will come to school wearing their PE kit on PE days. Please see Mr. Oakes' previous letter regarding the expectation of PE uniform. Last term, the children looked incredibly smart in their full kit - thank you for your continued support with this.


All homework will continue to be sent out digitally via Showbie, this will be set on a Monday.


If your child is required to isolate, work will also be accessible on Showbie, mirroring what the children will be doing in class. Further ways to support your child's core subjects are through: TT Rockstars, Mathletics, ReadiWriter and GoRead. Please remember to check your folder on Showbie for all of your usernames and passwords. If you are still unable to find the relevant information, please ask your class teacher.


Kind regards,


Year 5/6 Team

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Term 2 - Full Power

** Great news!
Marcus Sedgwick has recorded Floodland chapter by chapter and is available to watch on his website!

Homework - All tasks for Week 4 are now uploaded to Showbie. Please find your child's class code and setup their Showbie account for homework this week.