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‘I am honest and helpful and make the right choices.’


‘I rise to a challenge and I am brave.’


‘I have love for myself, for others and for God.’

Roughshod Theatre Visit

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Our Key Stage 2 pupils were treated to an inspiring performance by the professional touring theatre company Roughshod on Wednesday, 3rd May. All the children were mesmerized but certainly not silent as they reacted to the bold, noisy and at times chaotic drama scenes that played out in front of them. Using basic props and musical instruments, the five actors performed three sketches each of which had a spiritual and political message. The first was the Old Testament story of Jonah and the whale, the second was a contemporary take on the parable of the good Samaritan and the final sketch was the New Testament story of Zacchaeus, the corrupt tax collector who climbed a tree to get a better view of Jesus only to have his life turned around by Jesus’ message. The drama used comedy, rhyme and singing as well as some strong emotional messages to explore various themes and the children’s faces showed just how engaged they were with the performance.


At the end, the children were given the opportunity to ask the actors questions. Here is a selection of their questions together with the answers:


Q. Year 3: How long have you been doing this?


A. Since the end of January. We rehearsed for 7 weeks then started touring the country. We’ve performed in lots of different places including military bases, prisons, nursing homes, schools and churches.


Q. Year 3: Where is the theatre company based?


A. Roughshod was created by a theatre company called Riding Lights, which is based in York.


Q. Year 6: How many shows have you done?


A. So far, we’ve done about 50 performances. We do slightly different things depending on our audience but by the end we’ll have performed this about 200 times!


Q. Year 3: Do you enjoy it?


A. We’re enjoying it a lot! It’s really good fun and we like meeting lots of different people.


Q. Year 6: Do you just perform biblical stories?


A. That’s a really good question. Some of our sketches are based on real-life stories. When we perform in prisons, for example, we do pieces on restorative justice where prisoners meet the victims of their crimes and try to make amends. We do a whole mix of things, some contemporary, that look at what God is doing in our modern day lives.