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‘I don’t give up and I bounce back from my mistakes.’


‘I treat others how I would like to be treated.’


‘I am friendly and caring in my words and actions.’


‘I am honest and helpful and make the right choices.’


‘I rise to a challenge and I am brave.’


‘I have love for myself, for others and for God.’

Open the Book

Every Thursday morning, our Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils sit down to watch a performance by Open the Book; a drama programme from Bible Society designed to bring bible stories to life for primary school age children. Over the last two years this has become a hugely popular highlight of the school week for them and several of the Open the Book team have taken great delight in the fact that they’ve been stopped in the street, in the supermarket and even in a hospital waiting room by young people who have recognized them from the Open the Book sessions. Michael, who once played Judas, was stopped and asked whether he had his 30 pieces of silver!


Our local Open the Book team is made up of a group of volunteers from the Community Church, the United Reformed Church, St Bartholomew’s, the Methodist Church and the Sacred Heart. Each week they come in and act out a story from the bible always in costume and often with fun props. When Jonah and the whale was performed they struggled to fit the whale through the doors! A camel has also been known to have put in the odd appearance! Each week some of the children are given starring roles and the rest of the audience is involved too with plenty of opportunities for participation.


Each week we will post an update on the story the team has covered together with some photos.