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Medical Information

This section of the website follows on from some recent correspondence sent to all parents and carers. It is intended to offer some support and guidance should it be needed.


Children pick up on things not being right

All adults, particularly parents, want to protect children from the pain of knowing that someone they care about is ill. But children can usually pick up when something is seriously wrong, even if they are not told directly, and they then worry.

They will notice changes in atmosphere and unusual comings and goings. Not talking about what is happening may leave them feeling left out, not cared for, and alone with their fears and fantasies.


What to tell children

It is not easy to decide what to tell them, especially if they are young. Very little children don't really understand about illness. On the whole they:

  • are mainly interested in what is going on at the moment

  • only need simple explanations

  • need to have these explanations repeated

But it's a good idea to explain simply why someone close to them is feeling poorly today or maybe needing some time away from school in order to feel better.

Information for parents on supporting children