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‘I don’t give up and I bounce back from my mistakes.’


‘I treat others how I would like to be treated.’


‘I am friendly and caring in my words and actions.’


‘I am honest and helpful and make the right choices.’


‘I rise to a challenge and I am brave.’


‘I have love for myself, for others and for God.’


Academy Standards and Ethos Committee

As an Academy governance in the school is undertaken by an Academy Standards and Ethos Committee (ASEC) which is directly accountable to the Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust and will report at least 6 times a year to their Board.


 The main responsibilities of the ASEC are:

  • To establish the strategic direction of the school
  • To ensure high standards of achievement for all pupils
  • To maintain the Christian ethos and distinctiveness of the school


The majority of members are appointed by the Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust, with the exception of 2 parent members and 1 staff member who are elected by their peers. The ASEC chair is appointed by the Trust board, and the ASEC elect a vice chair annually. The key skills and abilities sought of ASEC members are:


  • An ability and desire to set the Christian ethos within the school
  • Analytical skills and the ability to understand and question written and numerical information
  • The ability to establish good working relationships with all stakeholders including Board Members, DSAT, staff at all levels within school, parents and the wider community
  • The ability to carry out monitoring and evaluation of the work of the school
  • Strong communication skills including listening


The current member details including their particular school link roles and any register of interest are shown in the table below:




Appointed by


Committee/Panel Membership


Additional Key School Impact Area

School Year  & Curriculum Links

Register of Interest

Rev Jane Curtis (Vice Chair)

Foundation Archdeacon's Rep


23/08/2017 to 22/08/2021


PSHE/HTPMR/Pay Panel/Equalities, Safeguarding and British Values


Member of St Bartholomew’s Parochial Church Council (PCC)

Mr Dan Oakes

Head Teacher


Ex-officio from 01/09/2017





Mrs Charlotte Shiles

Staff Rep

Staff Election

02/06/2017 to 01/06/2021


Staff and Parent Surveys



Mrs Catherine Hersom (Chair) Foundation


06/05/2020 to 05/05/2024

Chair of Standards

HTPMR/Health and Safety, Pay Panel 

Yr 5/6 & Maths



Mrs Ruth Sexton


DSAT 09/09/2019 to 01/09/2023

Ethos, Standards,

Staff Welfare and Health and Safety 


Member of St Bartholomew’s Parochial Church Council

Mrs Hannah Lawrie Foundation DSAT 01/10/2020-30/09/2024 TBC TBC Yr 1/2 & English (Reading & Writing)  Employed as a teacher at Haydon Wick Primary School
Mr Rhys Cadogan Parent Rep Parent Election 01/11/2020-31/10/2024 TBC TBC Yr 3/4 & PE (Sports' Premium)

Wife is a teacher at St Bart's.

Mother's catering business, Delicias, is occasionally used by school

Mr William Essex Parent Rep Parent Election 01/11/2020-31/10/2024 TBC TBC Science & DT None
Mrs Fiona Holness Clerk to the Governors N/A From 16/03/2020 N/A N/A N/A Member of Christ Church Broad Town PCC
Past Members Category Appointed By Date of Appointment Date Stepped Down Register of Interests    
Mrs Sam Lyall Parent Rep Parent Election 01/09/2018 16/10/2020 Parent of Pupil    
Mr Gareth Coomber Parent Rep Parent Election

First Term: 01/09/2014

Second Term: 20/08/2018

01/09/2020 Partner to employee of the school    
Mrs Jenn White Foundation DSAT

First Term: 01/09/2014

Second Term: 06/11/2016

01/09/2020 None    
Mrs Elizabeth Woods Foundation DSAT 29/01/2020 06/05/2020 None    
Mrs Jennifer Edwards Foundation DSAT 16/04/2018 31/03/2020 None    
Mr Angus Brereton Staff (covering Charlotte Shiles' Maternity Leave) Staff Election 20/01/2019 16/12/2019 None    
Mrs Louise Sheppard Foundation DSAT

First Term: 01/09/2014

Second Term: 08/09/2016

20/12/2019 None    


EYFS   Should you wish to contact a member of the ASEC, please send your queries via the school office:

School Year Links refer to:

EYFS                        Cygnets & Owls

KS1 (Yr 1/2)              Puffins, Robins and Kingfishers

Lower KS2 (Yr 3/4)   Swans, Flamingoes and Herons

Upper KS2 (Yr 5/6)   Falcons, Merlins and Kestrels


The Clerk to the Academy Standards and Ethos Committee is Fiona Holness and the Chair is Catherine Hersom, who may be contacted via the St Bartholomew's Primary Academy address.


The ASEC as a whole is required to meet 6 times per year to receive a detailed report from the Headteacher and minutes of those meetings are sent to the Trust Board.


ASEC members also aim to visit for up to a whole day 3 times a year to meet with children and staff to gain a fuller understanding of the work in school.  Other meetings within school by ASEC members have a focus on either 'Resources' or 'Teaching and Learning'.

A copy of ASEC (Governors') meeting minutes can be made available by request from the clerk via  Please note charges may apply; more information can be found in the DSAT Publication Scheme available via:


Governor Register of Attendance - Full ASEC Meetings 2020-21  

Key:      / = Attended     

A = Apologies accepted

VC = by Video Cam

X = not in post at date of meeting

Back to School Meeting 17/09/20

Term 1


Term 2


Term 3


Term 4



Term 5




Term 6



Rev Jane Curtis / VC VC VC      
Mr Dan Oakes / / / /      
Mrs Charlotte Shiles / / A VC      
Mrs Catherine Hersom / / / /      
Mrs Ruth Sexton / VC VC VC      
Mrs Samantha Lyall / VC X x      
Mrs Hannah Lawrie X A VC A      
Mr Rhys Cadogan X X VC VC      
Mr William Essex X X / VC      
Mrs Fiona Holness / / / VC      
Governor Register of Attendance - Full ASEC Meetings 2019/20   Term 1 26/09/19 Term 2 14/11/19 Term 3 30/01/20 Term 4 19/03/20 Term 5 07/05/20 Term 6 16/07/20
Rev Jane Curtis   / / / Meeting cancelled / /
Mr Dan Oakes   / / / Meeting cancelled / /
Mrs Charlotte Shiles   A    (Mat leave) A (Mat leave) / Meeting cancelled / /
Mrs Catherine Hersom   x x x Meeting cancelled / /
Mrs Ruth Sexton   / / / Meeting cancelled / /
Mrs Samantha Lyall   / / A Meeting cancelled A /
Mrs Hannah Lawrie   x x x Meeting cancelled x x
Mr Gareth Coomber   / / / Meeting cancelled / /
Mrs Jenn White   / / / Meeting cancelled / /
Mrs Elizabeth Woods   x x / Meeting cancelled x x
Mrs Jennifer Edwards   / / / Meeting cancelled x x
Mr Angus Brereton (deputising for Charlotte Shiles during Maternity Leave)   / / x Meeting cancelled x x
Mrs Louise Sheppard   / / x Meeting cancelled x x
Mrs Fiona Holness   x x x Meeting cancelled / /





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