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FAQs from St Bart's about Remote Learning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I best prepare for my learning?

  • Fully charge your device the night before and make sure you have a charging cable to hand if you need it.
  • If possible, sit at a table in a quiet area.
  • If you have any of the following items, it would be useful to have them to hand:
  • Headphones (that fit the device you are using)
  • Stationery: pencil, pen, ruler, scrap paper
  • Water bottle
  • Make sure you can see what the time is too!


What if I don’t have a device (laptop or tablet) that I can use every morning?

Get in touch with the school and we’ll see if we can help.


What if I don’t have any/good enough internet at home?

School may be able to help with a SIM card.


Shall I log in to Showbie via an app or a web browser?

Either is fine, although on older devices sometimes it is not possible to have the most up to date version of the app. Showbie works very well on Google Chrome but not very well on Safari (especially for video calling).


What if I have technical difficulties getting onto Showbie?


and see if the information here can help you with your difficulty. This will be constantly updated with FAQs and videos from your teachers. If not, email the school office so we can let your teacher know and we’ll help you through from school.


What if during a video call, the call fails?

Go to your class chat where your teacher will give you the next instruction.


How will I know when a video call will start on Showbie?

Firstly, your teacher will have shared a timetable with you so you will know what time to be there. Also, if the bell has a red dot next to it, there is a message for you – it may be a video call starting, it may a different message about some feedback.


A red dot means you need to click on the bell and see what messages there are for you.


What do I do if I finish the task before the end of the lesson time?

If there was a task to submit to your teacher, make sure you send it in and let them know you’re done. Your teacher might give you a ‘next step’ or they may have alternative advice.


What do I do if I can’t find my logins to Mathletics, Readiwriter or GoRead?

Text your teacher through Showbie and they will send them to you again.


What do I so if I am unwell and can’t do the learning for a day?

This might happen on occasion but hopefully not too often! If it does, talk to your parents and ask them to email the school office so we know you won’t be there for remote learning this morning.


What do I need to know for a video call?

All the same things apply as when you are in your classroom. Make sure you are dressed! 

Ensure you follow the rules of the classroom as you know your teacher would expect in school, including use of the appropriate language and recording your learning to the same high expectations.

If you can, try and choose a place in your house where it is calm (or where you can use headphones).


What is the Showbie group chat for?

The group chat enables your teacher to send messages to the whole class at once. Your teacher may open the chat for some learning conversations and on occasion, they may open the chat for a catch-up opportunity for you and your friends. You will never be able to chat without a teacher or TA being present.

REMEMBER: NO emojis, sensible conversation and politeness only!


How can keep up with my reading of I don’t have any suitable reading books?

For children who are free readers, reading is reading! Read anything you have to hand that interests you: story books, fiction books, magazines, etc. If you need suitable books, contact your teacher or TA through Showbie and they can arrange for some books to be safely collected from school.


Will I be expected to do Remote Learning all day?

There will be at least three hours a day of remote learning which will start around 9am and finish around lunchtime. Each class will have a timetable that will be shared with you – keep to those times if you can and then you can make the most of your afternoons.


What if I can’t be online at 9am?

If it works for your family to carry out your learning at a different time of day, that is ok. You just might need to wait a little longer for your teacher to respond – but they will!


What do I do in the afternoon after remote learning is finished?

Agree with your family what your afternoons will look like – maybe play some games, carry out some mindfulness activities, contact a friend or family for a chat? You are allowed to exercise every day with your bubble so please do try and get outside every day.

There are still lots of things on the website for additional activities to do at home, and maths or word games to play too.


What about my ELSA sessions?

For children who have been following ELSA programmes in school, these will all be paused – however, ELSAs will be checking in with children who are both remote learning and learning in school once a week.