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E- safety

This page is intended to provide information on how to support your children with keeping themselves safe online. Mobile devices, online gaming and the internet provide a wealth of educational possibilities but also pose threats and it is important that children are educated as to these risks.


"No social networking site, virtual world, online game, or any other social-media service can provide a guarantee of 100% safety” - FACEBOOK


Please take note that the majority of social networking sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and many others have a minimum age limit of 13. Should your child have their own account they are not only in breach of the user agreement but at a huge risk of accessing information, content and people that are outside of your control.

In line with the New National Curriculum, E-Safety sessions are taught a minimum of once per term within St Bartholomew's Primary Academy. Encouraging children to think safe before they click; online, on mobiles and within apps. 


Along with the school safeguarding and e-safety policies, the school work in partnership with Oakford Technology to ensure systems are in place to protect pupils and that these are reviewed and renewed regularly. We encourage all parents and carers to consider using 'parental controls' and safe filtering at home. 


Hector's world is a fantastic add-on for children beginning to use the internet more independently:


If you are interested in finding out more ways to keep your children safe online then follow the links below: