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St Bartholomew's

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Hand in hand we learn, we grow, we soar


‘I don’t give up and I bounce back from my mistakes.’


‘I treat others how I would like to be treated.’


‘I am friendly and caring in my words and actions.’


‘I am honest and helpful and make the right choices.’


‘I rise to a challenge and I am brave.’


‘I have love for myself, for others and for God.’

Curriculum Information

What is a 'curriculum'?

"The curriculum is a framework for setting out the aims of a programme of education, including the knowledge and understanding to be gained at each stage (intent); for translating that framework over time into a structure and narrative, within an institutional context (implementation) and for evaluating what knowledge and understanding pupils have gained against expectations (impact / achievement)." Ofsted 2019

Our curriculum intent, hand in hand...

We have specifically designed our curriculum to ensure that it is enriched with engaging, purposeful and quality learning experiences that meet the needs and demands of our learning community. Carefully planned opportunities drive a life-long love of learning which promotes positive learning behaviours and helps our children to grow as confident, well-balanced and successful individuals.


Our curriculum intent is underpinned by our vision statement of ‘hand in hand we learn, we grow, we soar’. This is further articulated by our five 'Curriculum Drivers' detailed below. For more information please click here.



We want our children to learn and understand a rich body of critical knowledge, skills and concepts that equip them to succeed in both today’s and tomorrow’s world, enabling them to have an impact on themselves and others.


We want them to grow as unique and curious individuals with the resilience and determination to continually better themselves. Through the curriculum they will refine their ability to create, perform, author high quality work, develop positive self-esteem and well being and instil and demonstrate a set of core values and attitudes.


Our curriculum us underpinned by the 'National Curriculum 2014', using the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), and sets out to ensure our children acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each of the different subjects. Our two year cycle can be viewed by clicking here.


We want our curriculum to enable every child to soar creating leaders, instigators, investigators, researchers and change makers.


St Bartholomew's uses a variety of teaching approaches to create the best possible learning opportunities for all our children.  Many subjects are also supported by experiences beyond the classroom - from theatre or museum outings, to residential field trips.


More detailed Curriculum information can be found below.

Relationships and Sex Education

The objective of relationships and sex education is to help and support young people through their physical, emotional and moral development. RSE will promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils in our school and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. Pupils will be encouraged to talk openly and their questions answered appropriately and honestly in a way that respects diversity of cultures and family forms.


We aim to ensure that pupils:


  • develop confidence in talking, listening and thinking about feelings and relationships.
  • develop their self esteem and sense of responsibility.
  • are able to name parts of the body and describe how their bodies work.
  • can protect themselves and ask for help and support.
  • are prepared for puberty.


Parents of year 6 children are invited to an Information Evening where they are able to view resources that are used, including a DVD.  They are also given the opportunity for their child to opt out of this part of the sex education programme (as the law states).


Please click here for the RSE Policy.