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From September 2013 the Government has given every primary school in England funding to be used to develop the teaching and learning in physical education and sport within schools. Within the Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust we aim to provide high quality sport. At St Bartholomew’s we have used the money over a number of years we have provided the following:


Access to high quality coaching in a range of sports.

Professional development for staff to enable them to teach PE more effectively.

Specialists teachers and coaches to broaden the pupils’ experience of other sports.

Additional PE resources to support the delivery of high quality PE.

In Year 6 we currently have 59% of children who can swim the currently recommended 25 metres.

Cluster Athletics Event

Cluster Athletics Event 1
Cluster Athletics Event 2
Cluster Athletics Event 3
Cluster Athletics Event 4
Cluster Athletics Event 5
Cluster Athletics Event 6
Cluster Athletics Event 7
On a very hot day this term 14 children took part in the cluster athletics event. They competed in a throwing event, speed bounce then short, middle and relay track events. Well done to all of the children who took part and showed great sportsmanship.


Still image for this video


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H5 Adventure Day

H5 Adventure Day 1
H5 Adventure Day 2
H5 Adventure Day 3
H5 Adventure Day 4
H5 Adventure Day 5
H5 Adventure Day 6
H5 Adventure Day 7
H5 Adventure Day 8
We were lucky enough to take a team of 15 children from ks2 on an adventure and problem solving day. The children worked fantatsically as a team and took part in problem solving tasks, fire lighting and canoeing. The highlight was when one canoe tipped over and 3 ended up in the lake, but they showed amazing perseverance and got straight back in, even though they were a bit soggy!!

Quik Cricket

Quik Cricket 1
Quik Cricket 2
Quik Cricket 3
Quik Cricket 4
Quik Cricket 5
Quik Cricket 6
Well done to our Year 5/6 cricket team who played in the cluster event at the beginning of June. They played 5 matches winning 4 of them. Out of the 8 schools St Bartholomew’s came 2nd! Well done to all of you.

Tag Rugby

Tag Rugby 1
Tag Rugby 2
Tag Rugby 3
Tag Rugby 4
In May two tag rugby teams, one from Year 3/4 and one from Year 5/6 attended the annual cluster event hosted by Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Club. Both teams showed excellent teamwork and sportmanship. We were incredibly proud of our Year 5/6 team who came 1st for the second year in a row and brought the trophy back to school. They then went on to play in the county finals at Devizes Rugby Club coming third in their group.

Sports Relief

Sports Relief 1
Sports Relief 2
Sports Relief 3
Sports Relief 4
Sports Relief 5
Sports Relief 6
Sports Relief 7
Sports Relief 8
We supported Sports Relief this year by challenging each class to do as many steps as possible in a week. The loosing classes from each phase saw their teachers cycle their way through Golden assembly. The winning groups joined Miss Lawrence for a fun dance session and wore their own shoes to school to award their amazing feet! Together we raised over £200 for this amazing charity. 

Dance Festival

Dance Festival 1
Dance Festival 2
Dance Festival 3
Dance Festival 4
Dance Festival 5
Dance Festival 6
Dance Festival 7
Congratulations to our dance team who showcased their Jive at the cluster event alongside 9 other schools.

Joe Wicks Fitness Week

Joe Wicks Fitness Week 1
Joe Wicks Fitness Week 2
Joe Wicks Fitness Week 3
Joe Wicks Fitness Week 4
Joe Wicks Fitness Week 5
Joe Wicks Fitness Week 6
Joe Wicks Fitness Week 7
Joe Wicks Fitness Week 8
Some of the children have been joining in with Joe Wicks Fitness Week. We have had great fun joining in with the movements. We were amazed to hear Joe do a shout out for St Barts! You'll find it on Wednesdays session at about 15 minutes on You Tube!

Hockey Tournament

Hockey Tournament 1
Hockey Tournament 2
Hockey Tournament 3
Hockey Tournament 4
A massive congratulations to our Hockey team who came 3rd in the recent hockey tournament at RWBA. They showed fantastic sportsmanship and worked brilliantly as a team. Well done to all involved.

Swimming Gala

Swimming Gala 1
A team of Year 5 and 6 swimmers took part in this years swimming gala against 7 other schools. The 12 children worked fantastically as a team to support, encourage and celebrate their achievements together. We were very proud when they were announced in 4th place. Well done to all of them!

Year 5/6 Netball

Year 5/6 Netball 1
Year 5/6 Netball 2
Year 5/6 Netball 3
Year 5/6 Netball 4
Well done to our Year 5 and 6 netball teams who took part in the cluster event at RWBA. They grew in confidence as they played different teams from around the area. The teams showed excellent sportsman and resilience. Well done to both teams!

Key Stage 1 Football Festival

Key Stage 1 Football Festival 1
Key Stage 1 Football Festival 2
Key Stage 1 Football Festival 3
Key Stage 1 Football Festival 4
Key Stage 1 Football Festival 5
Key Stage 1 Football Festival 6
Key Stage 1 Football Festival 7
Key Stage 1 Football Festival 8
Congratulations to our two teams of Key Stage 1 footballers who represented the school at the cluster football festival. They had great fun playing mini games against other schools in the area. Well done to you all for showing great sportsmanship!

Swindon Primary School Football Team

Swindon Primary School Football Team 1

Congratulations to Noah who has been selected from over 150 children in the area to represent Swindon Primary School Football Team. We look forward to hearing about his forthcoming matches!

Athletics Festival

Athletics Festival 1
Our team of 13 represented the school at our final cluster event this year, the athletics festival. We went to the Harriers track in Swindon and took part in both track and field events. The team worked well together as the heat of the day rose. Well done to everyone who took part.

Qwick Cricket

Qwick Cricket 1
Qwick Cricket 2
Qwick Cricket 3
Qwick Cricket 4
Well done to the Quick Cricket team who came second in the cluster event. They played together as an amazing team and showed what brilliant sportsmen they were. They then went on to represent North Wiltshire in the County Finals and again made the team of adults supporting them very proud! 

Tag Rugby

Tag Rugby 1
We are very proud of the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children who took part in this years Tag Rugby event at RWB Rugby Club. The children all showed great sportsmanship playing in matches against other schools within the cluster. Congratulations to our Year 5/6 team who won the event and took home the cup.