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St Bartholomew's Primary Academy

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Meet the Team

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mr Cook


Deputy Head

Mrs Bowditch


Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Rivers


Teachers and Teaching Assistants


Cygnets (Reception)

Mrs Gibbens with Mrs Simpkins, Mrs Ward and Mrs Harris


Owls (Reception/Year One)

Mrs Storey & Mrs Dixon with Mrs Clark and Mrs Gurr


Puffins (Year One/Year Two)

Mrs Stammers with Mrs Payne


Robins (Year One/Year Two)

Mrs Payne and Mrs Cadogan with Mrs Paget and Mrs Crocker


Kingfishers (Year One/Year Two)

Mrs Rivers with Mrs Pelling and Mrs Beecher


Swans (Year Three/Year Four)

Mr Griffin with Mrs Burns, Mrs Dack and Mrs Taylor


Flamingoes (Year Three/Year Four)

Miss Black with Mrs Burns and Mrs King


Herons (Year Three/Year Four)

Miss Eldridge with Mrs Taylor


Falcons (Year Five/Year Six)

Mrs Beaumont & Mrs Marchment with Mrs Fraser and Miss Lowe


Merlins (Year Five/Year Six)

Mrs Macaulay & Mrs Bowditch with Mrs Mearns and Mrs Taylor


Kestrels (Year Five/Year Six)

Miss Griffiths with Mrs Chambers


Speech and Language Support: Mrs Taylor


Pastoral Supprt

Mrs Jeapes and Mrs Burns

Mrs Foxwell - Play Therapist



Mrs Holt-Jackson


Numbers Count

Mrs Bye



Mrs Hamer (Finance Officer)

Mrs Jones (Admin Officer)

Mrs Brooks (Admin Assistant)

Mrs Usher (Clerical Assitant)



Mr Callan



Mrs Hawkins



Mrs Smart (Senior MDSA)

Mrs Hawkins

Mrs Goulding

Mrs Bennett

Mrs Godwin

Mrs Usher

Miss Cook

Mrs Masterman (Relief MDSA)


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