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Welcome to Herons Class!


On this page you will find links and photos of things we have done recently and what we will be looking forward to in the future.


We will be regularly updating the photos of the learning activities we have got up to, so please come back again soon.


If you would like any further information about the learning we have covered, or the forth-coming learning topics, please don’t hesitate to come and see us. We will also post topic overviews for the term and homework tasks on the classroom noticeboards.

Term 1

It’s all Greek to me!

Welcome to Herons class, it has been so exciting to get to know all of the children over the last few weeks, we have had a busy term so far and all of the children have been working really hard.

In English we have used drama and hot seating to help us to describe and imagine our characters for our Ancient Greek myth. The children have also been writing instructions on how to trap their own mythical beast, using time connectives and imperative verbs in their writing. The children used some amazing similes such as ‘as sharp as a shark’s tooth’ and ‘icy cold like a snowflake’ to describe their beasts.

During Maths the children have learnt about place value of three and four digit numbers, they have also ordered and compared a variety of numbers ranging up to four digits. More recently they have begun to partition numbers into their thousands, hundreds, tens and units and found a variety of different ways to partition these numbers. In the last week, they have learnt how to use different mental and formal written methods of addition and subtraction. They have been using the column method to work out three and four digit calculations and missing number problems, next week they will use this to solve problems too.

As we near the end of our first term, the children are really looking forward to showing each other their power projects and being able to dress up on the Greek dress up day! I can’t wait to see some of their amazing creations for the power projects.

Take a look at the photos below to see what we have been up to this term.

Keep up the great work, and continue to care for one another as we come to the end of our first term in Herons class.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Term 2

This term the children have been writing fantasy stories; they have created amazing imaginary worlds and have used these descriptions to create elf houses outside. The children have learnt how to use inverted commas and expanded noun phrases to create an exciting plot to their fantasy story.   In Maths the children have been learning how to use the written method of multiplication and division. They have used a number of different resources to solve multiplication calculations such as arrays, the grid method, times table squares and number lines.  In Design and Technology, the children are creating their own winter wonderland magnet game. The children cannot wait to take these home next week. 

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Term 3 


In Herons this week we have been really lucky to have a special visitor who has been teaching us how to make an open fire using materials that you might find in the woods/ countryside. We were shown how to build the fire using sparks from sticks and dry hay to start the fire. We were then shown how using materials, such as wood and coals we could keep the fire going.


We then split into two different groups to make a dough, which we could cook on the fire using only two ingredients. We used flour and water to create the dough and then we rolled it out and wrapped it round a hazel stick. We used hazel because it was freshly cut, so it wouldn’t catch light in the fire when we cooked it.


We also were able to try nettle tea, this had an interesting taste and was quite unusual. Some children put honey into it to make it taste sweeter, which made it taste much better! frownno


Here are some pictures of the end result! It tasted really good!

Open Fire Cooking

Open Fire Cooking  1
Open Fire Cooking  2
Open Fire Cooking  3
Open Fire Cooking  4
Open Fire Cooking  5
Open Fire Cooking  6
Open Fire Cooking  7

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Term 4


Week 1


This term is very exciting because we are starting a new topic called When Mickey met Wallace, in this topic the children get to use a program to create their own group animations and they will also get to create a piece of music to go with their animation.

We are starting our topic off by learning all about fairy tales; we will be focusing on Cinderella to begin with, before we move onto Jack and the Beanstalk during our book week. Which we can’t wait for!smiley


We are focusing on fractions and decimals this term and using our narrative characters to help us solve problems and explain and prove it if an answer is correct or not.

Topic web term 4

Term 4 


Week 2


What an amazing week this has been!! We have had in Rosie from iSingPop all week teaching the children incredible Christian values and songs, which they have performed this week to the parents. You were all AMAZING! I am so proud of how hard you all worked this week. Both performances were fantastic and I was so pleased to see how much you all enjoyed the songs! I have brought a copy of the CD so we can continue to sing the songs in class! frown


We also had book week this week and all of the children were dressed up as their favourite book characters. We had lots of princesses, the BFG, the Jaguar from Marvel, a prince and a Storm trooper! Here are some of our costumes in the photos below. 

Picture 1
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