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Headteacher Welcome

I offer you a very warm welcome to the new 2016-17 school year.


It is an honour to be involved in impacting upon the lives of approximately 336 children this school year. Not only upon those children whom we serve here at the school, but hopefully the wider community beyond the school gate.


I’m delighted and privileged to be part of a school and community with such a caring and supportive ethos. I know the staff here at St Bartholomew’s will be doing their very best to ensure your children achieve, are challenged, enjoy success, see failure and mistakes as a natural part of learning, and develop positive attitudes towards school and life-long learning.


I will maintain the strong Christian ethos and values of the school which have served the children so well in the past, ensuring that children leave their primary school years with a caring and respectful attitude towards others and a sense of the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships with those around them regardless of any differences they may have.


I believe in a very strong sense of community. Great primary schools are not only built on the incredible hard work and dedication of their staff, but moreover, on the commitment and support of the community around them. To this end, I extend an invitation to you to consider any way that you can help or support the school in striving to be the best that we can be this year.


Together we will make a difference at St Bartholomew’s by continuing to ensure that the individual needs of the children are met and that we challenge appropriately at all levels. We will do this by effectively using our on-going assessments to inform us of where gaps need plugging in the children’s learning and then offering support and tailoring our teaching accordingly. We strongly believe in ‘quality first’ teaching in the classroom; and as such, we will invest resources in developing ourselves as learners, constantly seeking ways to improve. We will be committed to adapting and evolving the curriculum to ensure it is fit for purpose and that it effectively engages the children.


 Thank you for choosing St Bartholomew’s Primary Academy to be instrumental in shaping the future of our world through the lives of your children.


Mr Tony Cook

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