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Welcome to Flamingoes Class!


On this page you will find information and photos of things we have done recently and what we will be looking forward to in the future.


If you would like any further information about the learning we have covered, or the forth-coming learning topics, please don’t hesitate to come and see us. We will also post topic overviews for the term  on the classroom noticeboards.


Term 1

It's All Greek to Me

We open the new school year with our new topic 'It's All Greek to Me'. Children have started to learn about Greek Gods and Goddesses, democracy and the Olympics. Flamingo class has learnt an innovative myth including Perseus and Medusa, who is a Greek villain with snakes as hair! The children have created their own myths, inventing their own villainous creatures, hero and mythical problem which gets solved. As a class the children created class rules and work closely with one another to respect, listen and help each other. I am proud to say that the children are adhering to their important social and fair rules.


As we move into the halfway point of our term, Flamingo class is moving on to instruction writing during Literacy sessions, and looking and enhancing addition and subtraction skills. Children are looking forward to the Greek dress up day in the last week of term, looking at the Power Projects which they would have worked so hard on!


As we look forward to further on in the term, the children have many things to look forward to; making Grecian vases, learning about the Ancient Greek language and learning about Judaism to further our knowledge about other religions and societies. 

At the end of Term 1 the children have ben reflecting on things that they have learnt. Here are some comments from the pupils about their learning this term:
“I have learnt my Roman numerals.”   Ellie 
“I have learnt to put commas in clauses.” Rhys 
“The Olympics were started by the Ancient Greeks.” Mercedez 
“I’ve really enjoyed doing storymaps because it involves drawing and colouring.” Molly 
“I’ve enjoyed doing the pottery in Art.” Melissa 
“In Maths Skills I have learnt how to multiply 2 decimal numbers.” Alfie 

“In PE I have learnt how to throw the ball in rugby.” Filipa

Term 2

Winter Wonderland

This term in Flamingoes we have written our own fantasy stories.  We also created kites and parachutes and learnt about forces and magnets.  We wrote letters to Santa.  In R.E we learnt about Gandhi and Rosa Parkes.  We learnt how to use ‘a and an’ in the correct place and we learnt how to use the bar model.  Also we practised inverted commas correctly.  Miss Black wrote our names on a Christmas card and we had to find them.  Last of all we wrote postcards.  In PE we have learnt how to play football and we drew a picture and made a Christmas dance on the picture.  Also we freeze framed St Lucy and bonfire night. 

Written by Alfie, Ellie, Luis and Ellie-Mae W

Term 3


Term 3 started with Flamingo class going on the hunt for Ug, a caveman. On the first day of term he had decided to camp out on the field, leaving his hideout visible! The class explored his hideout and then looked into whether he was from the stone age, iron age, or bronze age and found that there was evidence that he was from the iron age. They even managed to try some berry tea which he had been brewing over his fire! The children tried their hand at communicating through caveman drawings and then put this into cave paintings with natural resources to add to our cave display, before finishing with a wonderful showcase of all the fantastic power projects!

Term 4

When Mickey Met Wallace

Term four has been a very eventful term for Flamingo class. We have had red nose day (throwing sponges at teachers!), iSingPop (which they thoroughly enjoyed), the Oasis music festival, a dental health visitor to explain why oral health is so important, and this was all on top of our term's topic 'When Mickey Met Wallace'. This topic has given the children a chance to explore different techniques and processes used to create an animation, as well as putting their brains to good use to create play scripts and fairy-tale stories. Maths included calculating the damage which The Gingerbread Man caused when running away from people trying to eat him-in total they calculated over £200 worth of damage! Some wonderful RE work was completed on the Easter story and the importance of helping other people. Children made tissue paper crosses and these were used for vibrant Easter cards to family members. It has been a very enjoyable term for Flamingo class (and we now even have our own victory dance!).

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