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Welcome to Falcons Class!


On this page you will find links and photos of things we have done recently and what we will be looking forward to in the future.


We will be regularly updating the photos of the learning activities we have got up to, so please come back again soon.


If you would like any further information about the learning we have covered, or the forth-coming learning topics, please don’t hesitate to come and see us. We will also post topic overviews for the term and homework tasks on the classroom noticeboards.


Term 1


This term in Falcons we have been researching the topic: Space!  Part of the topic has been based on Science Fiction.  We have been writing our own sci-fi story then upleveling as we go.  Also this term we have been visited by aliens and they covered the windows with goo and put hand prints everywhere.  The day after, we started the literacy topic of explanation texts.  We started to look at a text about why aliens invade other planets.


In maths, we started looking at place value.  We started with negative numbers and integers.  We created our own number sequences.  Eventually, we started looking at word problems to help us with our daily life.  So far this term has been amazing, we hope it carries on like this.


Written by Cameron, Naomi, Charley-Faye and Daniel  

Term 2


This term has been an eventful term, we have done so much about our topic: The Christmas Carol.  The Christmas Carol is a story about a man named Scrooge.  Scrooge hates Christmas and four spirits come to change his mind.  One of them is Marley and he appears as a door knocker, so we made our own versions from our faces.  We have also been learning about Kracken.  Our first topic on the Kracken was on its poem.  Later on we made tentacles out of many different things - a bit like a collage.

Written by James

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Term 3


This term in Falcons, we have been focusing on “The Six Nations” and the countries competing in it. By the end of term we are hoping to be able to open a cultural café for parents to view our lonely planet guides for the countries and try food from each of the country.


We have also been looking at information texts in literacy. We have been using a Barn Owl text as a template for our work. Also we have changed it so that it fits an Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin and are going to change it to the national animals of the countries in “The Six Nations”. We are hoping to make the most of this term and also enjoy it.


Written by Jack B & Daniel

Term 4

This term in Falcons we have had lots of fun! We even had a singing organisation come into school to promote God in a fun way. We learnt 7 songs which we performed in our local church. We have also had a jam-packed term in Science. We even had the chance to dissect a lamb heart. It was really cold! Our topic for this term is Crime and Punishment throughout the ages. Did you know, King Henry VII invented the Tudor Rose? In Maths Year 5 and 6 have been working on decimals, percentages and fractions in preparation for Year 6 SATs.


Written by Chloe

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