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Open Day for Reception 2019 - Tue 3rd July 2018 - 1.30-2.45pm & 5-6.30pm

8th June - Spies in Canaan

The story today was all about what happened as the Hebrews got close to the Promised Land.  Moses sent 12 spies to do a recce on the new land, find out what the locals were like, and report back. We had 8 helpers playing the Hebrew spies and they were wonderful. The spies reported that everything looked fantastic before they started to get cold feet, and feel nervous and doubt that God knew what he was doing sending them there. So they started to moan. And God had enough, so told them they were banished to the wilderness until they stopped moaning! The children were brilliant, and even those meeting in Mr Cook's office could hear the roars of the crowd as they got to the Promised Land!

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