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Open Day for Reception 2019 - Tue 3rd July 2018 - 1.30-2.45pm & 5-6.30pm

29th June - John's story

A few weeks ago, we had the story of Jacob who disguised himself with animal skin on his arms to fool his poor old Dad, Isaac, into thinking he was Esau so that he could steal his birthright. Our story this week follows Jacob, who ran away across the desert to escape Esau's anger. He collapsed in exhaustion and fell fast asleep. In his dream, God spoke to him and sent a ladder down to him with angels and told him he still had a plan for him. Jacob woke up and headed off to stay with his uncle Laban. There he met the lovely Rachel and they fell in love. Laban said they could marry if Jacob would work for him for 7 years but when Jacob's wedding day arrived, his bride was not the lovely Rachel, but her older sister Leah! Laban had tricked Jacob, who now knew what it felt like to be cheated. Eventually, Jacob did marry Rachel and returned to his home where his brother Esau welcomed him back with open arms. He was forgiven!
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