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Open Day for Reception 2019 - Tue 3rd July 2018 - 1.30-2.45pm & 5-6.30pm

22nd June - A brave and mighty man

Our latest story tells about 'A Brave and Mighty Man'. God calls Gideon to help him lead an army, but Gideon doesn't think he is brave enough. However, he does what God asks, because he trusts God. So he rounds up an army of over 30,000 men. God then whittles the army down because he says there are too many, and Gideon ends up with only 300 soldiers to fight the Middianites. But they don't use swords or weapons - they use trumpets and flames in pots! They make such a racket with their trumpets that the sleeping Middianites, who are fast asleep at night, wake up all confused and end up crashing into one another in the dark and fighting one another! So Gideon's army manage to defeat them without having to do very much fighting at all.  The children pretended to be Gideon's soldiers, doing lots of actions, and then at the end, let out a great cheer when they won the battle!
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